Rhino   Wireless,   LLC    is   a   Michigan,   US   regional   business specializing     in     wireless     project     management,     construction management,    A&E     and    document    compliance    services.    Since 1986   we   have   been   providing   the   telecommunications   industry with    specialized    technical    support    and    knowledge    -    from    the foundations up to the lightning rod down” . We’re   also   proud   to   be   affiliated   with           wireless ,   an   industry leader   in   emerging   Internet   of   Things    technologies,   including   part of the Low Power Wide Area Network  (LPWAN)   community.
Livonia, Michigan USA
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Rhino Wireless
Consulting Engineers & Internet of Things Solutions Providers
               Rhino     offers     a     proactive     approach     to     construction management     (CM),    which    lowers    cost,    improves    quality    and accelerates    project    time-lines.    We    offer    tailored    services    for clients    in    fiber    and    wireless    telecommunications.    Our    vast experience     in     project     management      (PM)     as     well     as     in Architectural     and     Engineering      (A&E)     makes     us     uniquely positioned to manage any project, from small to complex.
Project Management
Compliance Auditing & Reporting
Construction Management
Site Acquisition
Environmental and Wetland Services
Scoping Engineering & Close-out Specialist
                     We   bring   a   variety   of   construction   expertise    to   every project    :    from    construction    manager ,    project    controller ,    resident engineer ,    and    specialty    inspector     to    environmental    scientist     and technical support  - we’ve done it all !
Construction Management Services
Bid Management
Construction Coordination
Quality Management
Compliance Safety
Field Engineering
Contract Management
Materials Management
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Rhino Wireless
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